Ëmweltpolitik Test Chambers
We supply the right solution and test chambers for temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, altitude, pressure or combined test. Standard & customized models
Temperatur Fiichtegkeet Chambers
Temperatur Fiichtegkeet Chambers
Benchtops & reach-ins
-20℃/-40℃/-60℃/-70℃, 10%-98%RH
Thermesche Stress
Thermesche Stress
Fast Cycling Chamber & Thermal Shock Series
Reach to 15℃/min
-75℃ to +220 ℃ Temperature.
Beschleunegt Wieder Tester
Beschleunegt Wieder Tester
Xenon Arc Weathering Testing
UV Exposure Testing
48 Pieces Capacity
Walk-In Drive-In Chambers
Walk-In Drive-In Chambers
Standard and Custom walk-in Chambers
Temperature/Humidity/Salt Fog/dust/Rain Testing
Salz Spraydousen Chamber
Salz Spraydousen Chamber
Capacity 108L, 320L, 410L, 780L, 1000L, 1600L and More
SS Chamber and CCT Series
17+ Different Models
Stëbs Test Chamber
Stëbs Test Chamber
IP65 IP66 IP68 Dust Ingress Test
Comply with IEC60529, MIL STD 810
Build an IP Lab for You
Waasser Spraydousen Test Chamber
Waasser Spraydousen Test Chamber
Ipx1 Ipx2 Ipx3 Ipx4 Ipx5 Ipx6 Ipx7 Ipx8 Ipx9K Testing
Capacity of 800, 1200L, 1700L and more
Build an IP Lab for You
Benotzerdefinéiert Ëmwelt Chambers
Benotzerdefinéiert Ëmwelt Chambers
Provide Solutions for You
Design a Custom Chamber for You
exzellent Industrien
LIB test chambers are widely used in Automotives,Avionics, Defense, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Medicals and Telecommunications Industries.
Pre Engineered and Custom Solutions
Tell us about your requirements and environmental test application, we can provide
solutions for you, to make a standard test chamber or design a custom chamber for you.
Service Center
Globale Partners
The Widest Selection of Test Chambers
We deeply realized that quality is the first and most. We control quality from every aspect of raw material, production and inspection. After test chamber completed, we test its performance, inspect its functionality, go commissioning, work on calibration, and issue report for every steps, to guarantee the quality.
Service For:
Produktservice & Support
Produktservice & Support
The entire LIB team is focused on providing the best customer service
in the industry. We are committed to being there for our customers
throughout the operational lifetime of their test chamber.
Online Ressourcen
Online Ressourcen
These allow you to obtain the files efficiently and quickly.
You can get the test chamber operation manual, video guidance,
installation software, and online customer service. Contact us to
find more resources.
Explore our official blog for the latest news about LIB Industry, test chamber products and solutions.
What are the advantages of Walk-in Drive-in Chambers?
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  • How to use Water Test Chamber

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  • 2024-02-21
  • How to use Salt Spray Chambers

  • The Fun and Safe Way to Use Salt Spray Chambers
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